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Don't miss Baja Bob's long-awaited next book, MEXICAN JOKES 102 ® for the lighter side of learning the language. Three advance samples from that compendium of wisdom, insight, healing humor, and outright trash:

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Lo Peor
Daily joke, and a whole barrel of monkeys
Los Chistes
A staggering compendium of various kinds of humor
What the domain suggests
Chistes: Jokes Told in Spanish
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Q: What is the most unfaithful animal?

A: The duck, because it always walks around with two patas

Pata means "foot" or "paw", but would also be the feminine of pato--"duck".

(For some reason, when you ask Mexicanas, "¿ Qual es el animal mas infiel?", the majority say, "¡ El hombre!")

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A Texan walks into a brothel in Juarez and sees a real hottie working there. He approaches her and says, "Honey, I want to go to bed with you."
She, not speaking a word of English, says, "Huh?"
The horny Texan replies, "Hell,!"

Obviously the joke is on the pun between the Spanish mande (the Mexican way to say "Huh?" or "Say what?") and the English word "Monday". But note also rebuena for "way good looking"; the augmentative muchachona which implies the muchacha is a working girl, or at least pretty upfront; ni marta meaning "not one little bit"; caliente to mean "horny" and the cutesy diminutive inglesito for ingles.

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Chato and Chucho want to cross as "wetbacks" to the "other side", but when they get to the border, there's a wire fence.
After thinking it over, Chato says, "Listen, Chucho. If I lift up the wire, you can go under it, then lift it up so I can get under."
After thinking a little, Chucho agrees, "You're right. Okay then, lift it for me."
So Chato lifts the wire and Chucho gets under it and makes it to the U.S. side. But instead of lifting the wire for Chato, he just stands there, looking around without saying or doing anything.
Chato says, "Hey, Chucho, lift the wire for me so I can get across." But Chucho just keeps looking around without moving or speaking.
So Chato, really upset, yells, "Hey, turkey, why aren't you lifting the wire up so I can get across the border too?"
Slowly, Chucho turns to look at him and says, "What?" English.

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