Though pocket-sized and cheapo in format, though irreverent and even sarcastic in style, Cabo Bob's MEXICAN SLANG 101 © has earned praise of those who really understand Mexico. Here are some unsolicited comments from some well-known Mexico authorities.

      This guy has really led a wasted life, probably hanging out in pool halls (and worse!), if his book is any indication. But heck, he is a great, interesting guy! If you would like to have the benefit of his experience without having to consort with the lower elements of society, you really should buy this book! It is pocket-sized, 76 pages, stapled. He translates from English to Spanish and Spanish to English.

      "Mexico Mike" Nelson

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      At the risk of sounding like a college graduate, this pint-sized book could make the difference between achieving true fluency in Mexican Spanish versus mere facility. Slang is not easy or even safe to learn, however, especially in a machismo-based culture like Mexico. Like many Spanish lessons, I've learned the proverbial "hard way" that the inappropriate or ill-timed use of slang can deflate your self-confidence faster than a "whoopee" cushion.    The writing is skillful and entertaining and the author's translations are "right on". This book isn't a lightweight gimmick but a useful, insightful guide to a difficult subject. It is a cold day in Coatzacoalcos when I am unable to put down a Spanish text book. Mexican Slang is absolutely padrisimo!

      Carl Franz, Author: "People's Guide To Mexico"

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      Mexican Slang leaves out nothing. It'll show you how to say all kinds of dirty and degrading stuff and explains the true meaning of a lot of words, so you'll know what you're really saying. Even though it's specialized in Mexican slang, this little book (2''x 3'') also teaches some universal Spanish slang and lists many ways to say one thing. If you want to find out how the Latinos really think and talk, this book's for you! The price is a true bargain, too! I don't have my Mexican Slang in front of me only because people won't stop stealing it out of my bookbag at school!! This book has more words than even the Mierda series books, and Mexican Slang does a better job of explaining the origins of words, plus it's smaller than those books. I gotta tell you that if I go somewhere and can only take one book without making my jeans feel tight, Mexican Slang's always the one, hands down! It's so innocent, yet funny and it always feels like someone is there teaching it to you; you'll never be left in the dark with questions. But, if you should ever have any questions about the book, email me anytime! --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title

      Rob Henion (

   Bought this book long before i knew I was going ot Mexico. I looked it over nad had fun with it. Then after going to mexico, I put the book to test. They really do say all of that stuff!!!!! A fun book and very accurate. Great for students and travelers alike!--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title

      mitzigg04 "mittzigg"

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For true insights into the distinquished (or at least no yet extinquished) author of these mighty tomes, don't miss this interview in Isla Life Magazine. Just click HERE

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